DWSD Customer Service Phone Number 313-267-8000.  
    DWSD 24-hour Emergency Service Phone Number 313-267-7401


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Procurements Up For Bid

Contractors working on DWSD projects will be subject to the following City of Detroit ordinances:

  Requirements of Michigan Public Act 166 of 1965, Prevailing Wages on State Projects

  City of Detroit Ordinance No. 15-00 Chapter 18, Article 5

  Affirmative Action City Charter - Human Rights Chapter 27, Article IV, Section 27-3-2 and Section 27-4-7

  Prevailing Wage Ordinance No. 01-04

  Slavery Era Records and Insurance Disclosure No. 20-04

  Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Service Prevailing Wage Rates 2007

  Detroit Prompt Payment of Vendors Ordinance

  State of Michigan Act 57

  State of Michigan Act 524

  Detroit City Code, (Sec. 2-106, Standards of Conduct)

  Owners Safety Reference (Policy and Procedures on Confined Space Entry)

  Section 87 Contractor Safety Program

  1290 Wayne Co. Detroit Water and Sewerage General Info RB and Eng. Class