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DWSD Rate Schedules and Related Information
Rate Information Overview

  DWSD Rates - Understanding Wholesale Sewer Rates 101

  DWSD Rates - Understanding DWSD Water Rates 101

DWSD Rates in-depth

  Revised Rate Simplification Package - 2013-11-27

  Wastewater Treatment Service Providers

  Collection System

  DWSD Organization and Cost Sharing

  Budget Process

  Capital Improvement Program Development

  Capital Financing

  Bad Debt

  Sample Rate Calculation

  Estimating Sewage System Flows

  Use of Flows in the Rate Model

  Customer Involvement Opportunities

  New Model Sewer Contract

Rate Information, Detroit and suburban retail customers

  Detroit Water Rates

  Detroit Sewer Rates

  Water Rates for Individual Retail Suburban Customers

  Sewer Rates for Individual Retail Suburban Customers

  Suburban Wholesale Water Rates

  Suburban Wholesale Sewer Rates

  Detroit Water Rates Compared to Major Cities

  Water and Sewerage vs. Other Utilities