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  Volume 2: Critical Facilities and Flow Management

Supporting Technical Memoranda

 Review of Large Treatment and Collection Systems

 Review of Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant

 Interceptors and Trunk Sewers

 Lateral Sewers and Connector Sewers

 Wastewater Facility Inventory: Pump Stations and Meters

 Review of Collection System Regulators and Outfalls

 Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems in the City of Detroit

 Soil Suitability for Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems

 Industrial Waste Control Division, Ordinance 34-96

 Physical Inspection of Lateral and Connector Sewers Flow Management-Distribution of DWI/I Reductions

 Dry Weather Flow from Footing Drains and Service Connectors

 WOTS Sewer Summary

 WOTS Water Summary

Executive Summary Report

Volume 1: Planning Criteria

Volume 2: Critical Facilities and Flow Management

Volume 3: Wasterwater Service Alternatives

Volume 4: Capital Improvement Program

Volume 5: Customer Service and Technical Support Program

Volume 6: Evaluation and Regional SSO Controls

Volume 7: Implementation

Volume 8: Table of Contents and Glossary

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