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Among the policy issues being addressed by the Southeast Michigan Consortium for Water Quality is the desire to provide “full disclosure to the billed customer regarding which components of a bill are being charged by various entities.” Toward this end, the Consortium charged its Rate Policy Team to develop mechanisms designed to carry out this goal. The attached reports represent the Team’s efforts to provide information regarding what customers in each community pay for water and wastewater utility service, and to whom the costs are paid. As noted, there are a wide variety of practices and costs from community to community. This is a complex issue and additional efforts to further refine the disclosure process continue to be investigated by the Consortium and in the Rates Work Groups sponsored by DWSD’s Customer Outreach program.

2006 Joint True Cost Full Disclosure Introduction

2006 Joint True Cost Full Disclosure Summary

2006 Joint True Cost Full Disclosure Report

2005 Water and Sewer Rate Analysis